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Hey! This blog is dedicated to screencaps of House of Anubis. Enjoy!
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I’d like you all to be introduced to the new owner of this blog

Tonight will be my last night officially part of this blog, but I will follow it and submit ideas. 

If you’d like to still be my friend you can follow my main blog: 

or my House of Anubis blog: 

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Well, tomorrow is the last day this blog will be up. 

I haven’t heard from anyone about taking it over, which is really sad. 

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unless someone wants to take over. 

But April 10th will be the last date I’m keeping it on my account. 

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Hey everyone! I know I’ve already written something like this, but here is another one. 

I personally can’t continue this blog, and that’s why there haven’t been any posts these past few day. I’ve asked you all if anyone wanted to take over and only one person has resonded. 

And that’s great, but I haven’t heard back from them, so I’m worried. 

If you’re that person and still want to take over, please message me ASAP. 

If you’re another person that wants to take over, message me ASAP. 

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I was wondering if anyone wanted to take over this blog.

I shouldn’t make any excuses, but here are some. 

  • Final exams are coming around and I know nothing from of the six classes I have.
  • I can’t think of anymore ideas, and no one has submitted anything. 
  • I suck
  • I’m sleep deprived so I’ve been ADD for the past few weeks
  • aaah, I suck again. 

So if anyone would like to take over please message me, I’d very much appreciate it. Also, if you do want to take over, but aren’t 100% sure, you can ask me any questions you’d like. 

sorry :(

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I don’t have internet at home right now (which is why I’m posting this while at school). 

I’m not going to be posting any screencaps until I get internet back, but I will come up with plenty of idea’s until then! 

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Ideas? I know I said I’d do five more Eddie posts, and I did only three, but that’s because I ran out of ideas for his pretty pretty face. 

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